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Sep 24 2009

Day 13: “Did you forget to take your medication today?”

The last two days, as much as I can be negative about my school, really reminded me why I go in everyday. Yesterday we unveiled a new way to do Enrichment day. Instead of the “every teacher plans something” way of last year, students had schedules with three 80-minute Enrichment periods. Mine was College 101 where we signed up for the Princeton Review and had a chance to hunt for careers we want to pursue. My second group was enamored with the hunt for a career and finding colleges. Some were even excited about hearing about schools other than Northern Illinois, UIC and Northeastern. It was exciting to see them working on something for their own good and not a grade as it normally is.

Today I got to teach Pythagorean Theorem to the Cambridge classes. Admittedly, I’ve been a little anxious to get back to teaching since the program has started. By eighth period I was really excited (also because it was the last school of the week, I’m like a kid by the end of the week). I was doing a lot of running and having students yell out formulas. I think they think I’m completely insane, as evidenced by one student’s quote of “Did you forget to take your medication today?” We were just yelling things like “THE INVERSE OF THE SQUARE IS THE SQUARE ROOT!” and “HYPOTENUSE!” I’m sure anyone in the hall thinks I’m crazy as well. Oh well, I’m having fun and the kids seem to have a little bit of fun, too.

So, things are going fairly well. Year two is definitely much easier than year one (for those of you who are nervous) and it’s great to have students from last year coming back to ask questions, get recommendations and hang out.

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