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Sep 22 2009

Day 11: “What’s my combination?”

I had to assign locks to my senior advisory for the year. To make this process as painless as humanly possible, I made sure all of the locks worked and put them on lockers before school. I then gave the students an index card with their locker number and combination on it, thus hoping to avoid the above question. However, five of my students locked the index card in their locker, forgetting the combination. Oh seniors.

Monday morning two of our females got into a spat and stood at lockers once screaming, “You’re a dyke!” the other screaming, “At least I’m not trying to rape all the freshmans!” Yeah, I wrote that up and passed both students on to a disciplinarian. They were back in first period within a few minutes. That’s the step before fist fight, but they weren’t allowed to get there, so it was fine. Lovely.

Other than that, school’s been surprisingly smooth. Second year is much easier, though I still am not teaching geometry everyday. There’s only two more weeks of that, so things may return to normal then.

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