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Sep 09 2009

Day 2: “When do we have your class?”

What a first two days. If you read last year, you know we hired outside tutors to help the juniors do well on the ACT. It didn’t go great, so, we hired a new company to come in and prepare the sophomores for the PLAN test in October. To do this, we’re pulling them out of their math and English classes. So, for the next month, I play enforcer while someone else teaches for four of my five periods. This has led to students asking me, “When do we have your class?” even though they are in my “class” at that time. It seems like the group of students who didn’t have a math class last year may have been excited. We’ll see what happens in October.

I have my honors kids from last year. That was the only 35 minutes I taught today. It was definitely the best 35 minutes of the day, but for the rest of the day I was pretty much bored out of mind. Most of the other teachers are super jealous of me because I have to do no work for a month. I thought that defeated the purpose of going to work each day, but to each his own.

I am beyond excited to be back in the classroom, it’s just rough having to wait another month to really get back in there. I felt so much more prepared than last year and ready to go in there and teach. It’s frustrating, but I have no control over it.

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  1. Park

    Yay! Welcome back ;)

  2. Katie

    I’m excited to follow you again this year. You’re inspiring.

  3. The positive aspect of this situation… you can be really well planned when you do get back the teaching role in your class!

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