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Mar 26 2009

Day 126: “The bottles are a nice touch.”

The four girls that showed up to softball practice went outside today. It was the first time all season that we could even attempt to get on the field. When we got there, we did our best trash remover impersonation as we kicked a half dozen beer bottles, chip wrappers and general litter off of the field. It’s also so nice to have to contend with broken glass on top of having a ball come at you.

I’m currently grading the stimulus package. I don’t know who did the original one that everyone copied, but whoever it was doesn’t know that 120 divided by 6 is 20. I was happy to see a couple students do this really hard problem (only to make that error). The fourth time, I was like, “Good. We can’t even do this on our own.”

No students tomorrow to put in grades and have professional development. It’s much needed.

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